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What I Do

I have conversations. I make portraits and art and combine portraits and art. I use technique. I ask you to breathe. Sit up. Lay down. Turn. Point your nose at me. Point your chin at me. Look over here. I compose art pieces. This is what I do.


Who I Am

Starting in 1970 I was the guy who drove my mother crazy with rolls of film in the sink and trays of fluids in her laundry room. I came up old school. I still shoot film and I still love what I do. I'm still in love with it. This is who I am.


My People

I value my work. Even more I value the role you will play in the creation of the work. Create your setting, pick your clothing and relax. We're going to have fun.

Say Hello.

Whether it starts with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, owe it to yourself to talk over creating a high quality character portrait with me or decorating your home or business with excellent art. Then, let's do it.

(347) 781-4695

PRIVACY: Except for specific approval or instruction, it's just you and I kid.